Sounds Suspicious–

Musicians elevating musicians.

Sounds Suspicious resembles a record label, but at its heart, it is truly just a collective: musicians in British Columbia sharing a platform to elevate one another’s works. Brought together by recording artist Andrew Judah, Sounds Suspicious artists typically are produced or mixed by Judah, but this isn’t what makes them “qualify” for the collective–a belief that an artist is making something of distinct quality is the litmus test.

Nestled mostly in the Okanagan Valley, our goal is to bolster every Sounds Suspicious project through the use of online visibility, social media, shared networks, podcasts, videos, and features. Our podcasts, featuring our artists’ work, took flight in the spring of 2020. Our artists is a talented cast of 10 different musical projects. Our goal: putting the spotlight on one another.

If you’re interested in working with Sounds Suspicious as an artist or simply a podcast guest (or if you have one to suggest), just email us at