December 10, 2011

Albino Black Bear

    • 1. Lie Cheat Steal
    • 2. Friend
    • 3. Dog
    • 4. As Good As
    • 5. Solitude
    • 6. Purge
    • 7. Piano Song

he liner notes of Andrew Judah’s 2011 debut, Albino Black Bear, draw attention to the eclectic, mish-mash nature of the record’s birth: Judah lists “auto-tuned wine glasses”, “McCartney mouth trumpets”, and “fake ukulele” among the sounds he performed. His musical guests–Joshua Clark and Zack Kopczyk–influence the record with their “twisted thoughts”, “pirate vocals”, and “playing the kitchen sink”. A lack of tools has never stopped Judah from creating, and in his early days, he certainly had the fewest tools. The tools he still uses today are the ones most important to the success of Albino Black Bear: an inventive mind for arrangement, and a strong grasp of song-crafting.

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