September 30, 2014


    • 1. Intro
    • 2. Morning Light
    • 3. In the Sun
    • 4. I Know You Know
    • 5. Guitar Song
    • 6. Twitch and Shake
    • 7. Willis
    • 8. Better and Better
    • 9. Monster
    • 10. What Now?
    • 11. Runaway

onster, Andrew Judah’s sophomore LP, takes the successes of his 2011 release, Albino Black Bear, and turns the ambition up to 11. If Judah’s reputation as a master manipulator of unassuming sounds comes from anywhere, it’s from these 11 sprawling songs. Included in the promotion of the record was a detailed list of how all the sounds on Monster came to be–proving that any sound you hear on the record certainly isn’t what it seems. This game of keepaway also informs the narrative of Monster: duality can be found lurking in every corner, as Judah wrestles with concepts of deceiving and confronting one’s self. Judah points to Monster as a way of “acknowledging that [we have] a darker half and [are] stuck with it.”

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