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Andrew Judah


Canadian musician Andrew Judah is obsessed with two things. Painting with sound, and the search for meaning. A restless creator, known for his combination of memorable pop melodies and complex musical arrangements.



ICELANDIA from Kelowna, British Columbia, is dreamy synth-pop earnestly committed to minimalistic sampling complemented by smooth vocals and shamelessly catchy hooks.


With qualities stemming from reverie & reflection, Rinnovare's ethereal compositions take the listener into a realm of inner thoughts & imagery.

Common Fires


Common Fires, the stage-name of Canadian multi-instrumentalist songwriter Caleb McAlpine, is a musical project designed to fuse captivating melodies and shape-shifting textures together.

N. Sherman


Confident and delicate, N. Sherman writes music that addresses the human condition, personal musings, and existential anxiety.

Under the Rocks


Inspired by traditional and contemporary American Bluegrass, Under the Rocks applies the modern sensibilities of its collective members to stand on the shoulders of tradition and make music that is creative, reflective, relevant and entertaining.

Chloe Davidson


Rootsy indie rock inspired by common life experiences and the great outdoors.

Sean Waters Band


Rootsy indie rock inspired by common life experiences and the great outdoors.



Windmills is the moniker of moody indie swoon pop artist, Cory Myraas. A clever songwriter with a strong lyrical command, the words in Windmills songs are always accompanied by soundscapes that make you feel something.