AUGUST 6, 2020


    • 1. Fluor
    • 2. Sunlit Prayer
    • 3. Entering, Unseen
    • 4. Children of Light

hile travelling for over three years in Mexico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Israel and the Oregon Coast, Rinnovare had began piecing together layers, found sounds & loops he documented during his time away. This ultimately became his first full length record, titled Suspended Animation, a metaphor for a cocoon – like state, still existing, but asleep, waiting for an awakening. With this release, Rinnovare has begun to shift that narrative into one of rebirth, Aperturia, which translates to an opening.

While continuing with his signature world of sonic nostalgia, Rinnovare took it even further than imaginable. Embedded in ambient guitar & synths, tape machines, rhodes, electronics, drums , saxophone, & working alongside long – time collaborator, multi – instrumentalist Chloe Davidson on violin & cello, the swells & layers are dense & organic. Recruiting well known musician & producer Andrew Judah on mixing ( Icelandia, Windmills ) & Rafael Anton Irisarri on mastering ( Eluvium , Julianna Barwick ) , the finished result is a perfect contrast of meticulous production, lo-fi aesthetics, honest reflection & sounds unheard before.

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