October 9, 2020

Quilted Multiverse


uilted Multiverse is the single from Rinnovare’s 2020 release, ‘Suspended Animation’.

What was once conceived in Tuscany during the summer of 2014, Suspended Animation became a slow burning project for Rinnovare. Written & recorded in many locations, including Haiti, Dominican Republic, Oregon, Israel, Mexico, California & British Columbia, there are memories & found – sounds embedded into the grain of this record. With numerous collaborators such as Jonas Bonnetta of Evening Hymns, Blake Cowan of Wickerbird, Andrew Judah, and frequent collaborator Chloe Davidson. The definition of Suspended Animation is the temporary halt of vital functions without death, such as a hibernating animal. It is a metaphor for a cocoon – like state, existing, but asleep .. waiting for an awakening. This music is an auditory collection of what can happen under closed eyelids.

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