MAY 26th, 2016

Yellow Coat

    • 1. Orchard Magic
    • 2. Somehow, We Flew
    • 3. White Birch / Lucid Dream
    • 4. There Were So Many Things Left
riginally written under the moniker Lake Feile in 2013, Yellow Coat is a documentation of Rinnovare’s drift from reality, during a time of immense melancholia & loss of self. A form of catharsis was sleeping, and soon he discovered that lucid dreaming / hypnogogia was a haven for escapism. Within a time of such uncertainty, Rinnovare was able to craft sounds of warmth & comfort that would follow him for years to come. Accompanied by the illustrious Chloe Davidson on violin & cello for the first time & Andrew Judah mastering.
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