SEPTEMBER 27, 2017

Death of a Ladies’ Man

    • 1. What Do We Talk About (When We Talk About Love?)
    • 2. trans-fig-u-ra-tion i
    • 3. Babel
    • 4. Sierra Nevada
    • 5. trans-fig-u-ra-tion ii
    • 6. The Runner

eath of a Ladies’ Man is a record about love, loss, self-examination (for better or for worse), and self-acceptance. On Windmills’ first EP produced by Andrew Judah, Windmills (Cory Myraas) dives deep into the most personal, vulnerable songwriting he has yet penned. “This has been the most challenging project I’ve taken on in the 6 years I’ve been Windmills”, Myraas says. But the listening experience is far from challenging: Death of a Ladies’ Man is brimming with inviting melodies, lyrics that demand investigation, and overarching continuity that encourages repeat listens.

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