JANUARY 27, 2012

Keep Moving

    • 1. Great Divide
    • 2. Kiss
    • 3. Rise
    • 4. Corona
    • 5. We’ll Be Alone
    • 6. Salt
    • 7. Creating Something Beautiful
    • 8. Haunted
    • 9. Fire

he oft-repeated set of words–“windmills keep moving”–are found first with Windmills’ first full-length record. “[It’s] turned into my own personal philosophy”, Windmills’ Cory Myraas has said. Myraas first release focuses on his honed looping technique, one that was developed into a defining feature of his music over the course of his first few years performing. The loops stretch themselves over manipulated bars of clever songwriting, and much like the windmills referenced in Myraas’ stage name, the loops are never static: they’re always moving.

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